RC Yacht Tech

Mad Max IOM project 19.12.2010

RC Yacht Tech build Mad Max IOM in ready to sail condition for customer in Finland. Customer bought the boat and all equipments from England about a year ago, but did not have enough time to complete it in ready to sail condition. Work included RC installation and assembly  of three rigs. 

Customer had purchased boat in "ready to receive rigs and electronics" condition, and supplied boat and all fittings and parts to RC Yacht Tech workshop. 

I started the work with RC installation. Boat was ready to receive RMG winch. Silicone sealant was applied to attachment holes.

 Conventional "Endless loop" sheetting system with rubber band tensioning is used.

I made polycarbonate "bed" for battery to raise it 1 cm above hull bottom. Velcro is used for battery attachment.

Threads were made with M3 tap for rudder servo attachment. That worked very well. There's 
adjustable link for push rod.

RC Yacht Tech standard tiller arm was modified to fit Mad Max dimensioning. Personally I like to make push rod- rudder axle distance little bit longer and use longer leverage for tiller arm.

RC equipment and sheeting system installation to Mad Max is very easy and simple to do. Personally I think that this kind of winch and rudder servo installation for IOM is the best. it's much more difficult and time consuming to build sheeting system and winch installation completely under deck. After RC installation it was time to build the rigs.

SailsEtc micro adjustable outhaul for Nr. 1 rig. Customer wanted to use it with groove screw.

Customer wanted to be able to accurately repeat good trims. Hole series for sheet hooks were
drilled to all booms.

With CNC mill it is easy to drill very accurately spaced series of holes. Hole spacing
is 3mm and holes were drilled with 1.8 mm drill.

RC Yacht Tech's ball raced gooseneck- kicking strap are used for all three rigs.

 Ball raced gooseneck- kicking strap is designed to fit in SailsEtc booms and also in
round booms.

3mm spaced holes in 1 rig light weight boom.

SailsEtc ball raced headsail swivel's were used in all three rigs.

Standard SailsEtc round boom forward end fittings.

Airfoil spreaders.

Customer wanted to be able to repeat headstay lenght/ tension accurately, so headstay lenght is
adjustable with hook and holes. In all three masts series of holes were drilled with CNC mill. 

Supplied plastic masthead fitting did not fit for Nro. 3 rig mast. Fitting had too big diameter for that mast. But because of In- House machining capability it is not a problem at all: I measured mast inside
diameter and designed, programmed and machined new part from aluminium.

Mad Max keel and rudder. We will see this boat racing in Finland at next season.