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RC Yacht Tech manufactures fittings and custom plugs & moulds for RC yachts using CNC machining technology. We do also small series production of parts for other RC equipments.


News 6.12.2015 Installation instructions video

See our installation instructions video for Ball raced gooseneck MK4!
Installation is quick and easy! Drill jig supplied with each gooseneck makes
it easy to drill attachment holes to the mast.



News 17.11.2015 Ball Raced Gooseneck Mk4 available

New Ball Raced Gooseneck project is finally ready and new goosenecks are available.
All high load parts are made of stainless steel. Other parts are machined from 6082
aluminium and anodized black. Gooseneck can be used with round booms or with
SailsEtc boom profile. 

News 29.3.2015 Ball Raced Gooseneck Mk4

RC Yacht Tech is going to redesign and update Ball Raced Gooseneck parts to version 4.
New version will have two attachment methods to mast. New eyebolts will be made of 
stainless steel. Earlier versions eyebolts were made of brass and black finished by hand. 
Mark 4 gooseneck will be completely 3D modelled and designed with Autodesk Fusion 360 Ultimate software. With 3D design it's possible to see and test functionality of the whole product before
any part is made. 


News 12.8.2013 Computational Fluid Dynamics

After long pause I have been doing again sails Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies with Open Source CFD software OpenFOAM. It took couple weeks to relearn everything again, but now here's few flow visualization pictures in new CFD photo gallery. You can view those at full size by clicking
"View as Slideshow" link at upper right corner of the photo gallery page. 

First I made drag calculations for simple flat plate, and as a second test case I chose to do IOM RC yacht upwind sailing case. I wanted to compare my CFD  force results to wind tunnel test results available from Lester Gilberts site at here

My CFD force results match pretty well to those what had been measured at wind tunnel in England. My heeling force is bigger, but I anticipated that. Biggest difference between my CFD simulation and wind tunnel test is sail shape. I have no data about jib and mainsail shape what they had in wind tunnel tests, but my shapes have certainly more camber.  In this CFD simulation I used my own sails flying shape what I had measured from one of the sailcam videos few years ago. With these sail shapes and trim, there's big flow separation area at mainsail head above the jib.

Here's PDF file about CFD force results. About 76% of the boat driving force is produced by the jib.
IOM jib surface area is only 41% of the total sail area, but it produces 76% of the boat driving force. Also sail researchers working with "big boats" sails have confirmed these kind of headsail force results.

And finally 3D flow visualization animation, watch HD version in youtube!



News 31.7.2013 Aluminium fin moulds for 2 metre RC yachts in USA

Back in may 2013 RC Yacht Tech machined keel and rudderfin lamination moulds for 2 metre RC yachts in USA. Keel and rudderfin design was made by Kaiko Yacht Design. Customer supplied fin designs
in IGES format and RC Yacht Tech made lamination mould design and mould machining. You can follow 2m RC yacht project from facebook:

After machining mould surfaces were wet sanded to 600 grit. Also video was made,
watch HD version at youtube: Making of fin moulds.







News 28.12.2012 New IOM in Canada:

Marko Majic in Canada has finished he's IOM building project. Boat made it's maiden voyage during last august. RC Yacht Tech machined hull plug for this project in 2011




News 28.05.2012

IOM bulbs out of stock.

News 20.12.2011

Used IOM bulb moulds sold to customer in Nederland.

22.10.2011 New Ball raced gooseneck Mark3 now in stock!

Parts for new ball raced gooseneck/ boom vang are now ready.



News 9.10.2011

Set of new upper and lower eyebolts for Gooseneck Mark3 were designed and machined during the weekend. Pictures at Production photos gallery. These will be colored to black with brass black chemical.

26.9.2011 Parts in production for new Ball Raced Gooseneck Mark 3

New parts for updated ball raced gooseneck Mark 3 are in production.
There are more pictures in new photo gallery Production photos.

-Boom vang rotating M4 body is updated and made from brass. It has better grip and will be colored to black with Birchwood Casey brass black acid chemical.

-M4 stainless steel threaded rod is also new part. 2mm holes were drilled to thread rod's and new special eyebolt model will be designed and made to attach this part in gooseneck body. 

-New  eyebolts will be machined.

 New photogallery "Production photos" will be updated more often and will have pictures of parts in production. Earlier I published pictures only when machined products were entirely ready.


News 24.7.2011

Instead of usual "only RC yacht related news", this time something different: CNC machined lamination moulds for MOTH foiler rudder horizontal foil. Have a look at the video about this project below:

Pictures about the moulds here.


News 13.3.2011

Custom IOM hull plug made for customer in Canada.



News 5.1.2010 Reseller in New Zealand

 There is now reseller for RC Yacht Tech fittings in New Zealand:

News 19.12.2010

RC Yacht tech build Mad Max IOM in ready to sail condition for customer in Finland. Read more from Mad Max IOM project page!


News 4.12.2010 

RC Yacht Tech machined RG 65 class yacht rudder moulds for customer in Germany.


 Päivitetty 24.7.2011